How to stop a wedding

Too much tech mumbo jumbo on the blog lately – time to get back to films and filmmaking.

My friend Drazen Kuljanin’s debut feature “How to stop a wedding” is available on Vimeo on demand.

He shot the whole film – minus a short intro and a brief coda in the 5 hours and 17minutes it takes to travel by train from Malmö to Stockholm (In Sweden). Yes, you read it right – a whole f**king feature made in 5 hours and 17 minutes.

I don’t blame you for thinking it can not possibly be any good – but really it is. It’s a beautiful little film that made me cry a little from happiness at the end both times I’ve seen it in the cinema.

Drazen rehearsed the film like a theatre play with the actors, and then they boarded the train, shot each scene twice with two cameras rolling at all times. Boom! there it is, a full feature.

If for no other reason, watch it for inspiration – if you have a good idea, you can make it happen, and all it takes is 5hours and 17minutes 🙂

Watch it below:

The film is in Swedish, but with English subtitles. (Oh, it’s also a little NSFW).


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